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My West Coast Saltwater Fishing Article in this Issue of the Lakelander Magazine | Good Hunt

But this nation has done a damn good job making sure the fish stocks in this country are as healthy as theyve ever been, or at least we know where they are and what we need to do to get them back. While he has specific goals in mine, and is working to spread the marine industrys messages, Gabriel added that the current situation with the Magnuson-Stevens Act is nobodys fault, but rather a recognition for how much things have changed since the first version of the Act was passed in 1976. Its never been more accessible to the common man to be able to get off shore and enjoy the natural resources, he said. An entire industry has exploded around this, and so you have a law that was in place that didnt have an industry when it was set. Gabriel said its unclear, at this point, what will actually be passed into law, and that his constituency is OK with changes that dont necessarily benefit recreational anglers in every case. best snook fishing in florida In some instances, were fairly certain were going to go from 51 percent commercial/49 percent recreational to at least 50/50, if not 51 recreational/49 commercial, he said. But if it happens to go 52/48 against us, fine, thats fine. The issue is just do the process and get off the duff and do it. Moving forward From this point forward, H.R. Original article

The Spokesman-Review: State offers fishing license upgrade deal

Cutthroat trout caught by an angler fly fishing on the Yakima River. (Rich Landers)

This is my first saltwater or any-water article. I grew up doing a ton of flats and nearshore fishing around the Tampa Bay area quite a bit of nostalgia is infused in this piece. Unfortunately, other interests and pursuits have pushed my fishing time to the periphery. As I read back over this, though, it certainly puts me in the mood. Thanks once more to The Lakelander for permitting me the space to write. If anyone has ideas for local outdoor sporting events for future issues, feel free to drop me a note. For more information

Jeff Angers of the Center for Coastal Conservation

The upgrade will give those anglers all the fishing privileges of a combination license at the cost they would have paid if they had purchased one in the first place, said Bill Joplin, WDFW licensingmanager. Freshwater fishing license holders can purchase an upgrade to a combination license for $26.75 and current saltwater fishing license holders can upgrade to a combination license for$26.20. By purchasing theupgrade: Current freshwater license holders will gain access to saltwater fish, shellfish andseaweed. Current saltwater license holderswill gain access to fishing in lakes and rivers as summer draws near, as well as opportunities for shellfish andseaweed. Here are a few of the exciting fishing opportunities the WDFW is spotlightingthisyear: Salmon 2014 is shaping up as the year for salmon, with a forecasted return of more than 1.6 million Columbia River chinook salmon returning this fall which would be the largest since record keeping began in 1938. The ocean abundance of Columbia River coho salmon is also forecast to be about 964,000 fish three times as many fish as last year’s actual abundance. And, summer and fall chinook salmon returns to Puget Sound are expected to total nearly 283,000fish. Razor Clams Razor clam digs are listed through June 1, 2014. Read more about The Spokesman-Review: State offers fishing license upgrade deal

Fish for free without a license this weekend –

The free fishing days run Friday, June 6, through Sunday, June 8. We hope you catch a big one! said Commissioner John Bull. We work tirelessly to create and maintain sustainable fisheries. Our conservation efforts are aimed at giving anglers a fair chance at landing some fish. As a result, the fishing in Virginia is terrific. Virginia Marine Resources Commission No fishing license of any kind will be required for recreational rod-and-reel fishing during free fishing days, except in designated stocked trout waters, where both a freshwater and trout license will be required. All fishing regulations including size, season, catch limits, and gear restrictions will remain in effect. We have some of the best rivers, lakes and streams for fishing in the country and we would love it if the non-fishing public would give it a try. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit,0,7217027.story


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