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License free fishing days announced – Outdoors – The News Herald

We hope you catch a big one! said Commissioner John Bull. We work tirelessly to create and maintain sustainable fisheries. Our conservation efforts are aimed at giving anglers a fair chance at landing some fish. As a result, the fishing in Virginia is terrific. Virginia Marine Resources Commission No fishing license of any kind will be required for recreational rod-and-reel fishing during free fishing days, except in designated stocked trout waters, where both a freshwater and trout license will be required. All fishing regulations including size, season, catch limits, and gear restrictions will remain in effect. We have some of the best rivers, lakes and streams for fishing in the country and we would love it if the non-fishing public would give it a try. Original post,0,7217027.story

EBT Card Restrictions and Saltwater Fishing License Hike Await Gov. Jindal’s Signature | WGNO


Prizes will be given to the top finishers in the 7-and-younger age bracket, 8 to 11 bracket, and 12- to 15-year-olds. The center will rent row boats for $20 during the derby. Participants must adhere to all state Fish and Wildlife regulations, but this day only they dont need a license. Its free fishing day for all in the state, and its free parking at Cama Beach. No Discover Pass is required. Visit website

Making sense of the Magnuson-Stevens Act | Boating Industry

Jeff Angers of the Center for Coastal Conservation

The legislature adjourned the 2014 legislative session Monday evening. Weve had a great session and I would like to thank the Legislature for their hard work, Gov. Bobby Jindal said. With their help, we have accomplished new achievements for the people of Louisiana. One of new legislation awaiting Gov. Jindals signature is a bill that would limit where welfare recipients can use federal money. For original article visit

Kids can learn saltwater fishing at Cama Beach derby on June 7 | – Life

Gabriel said the reauthorization of Magnuson-Stevens and making changes that take into account recreational concerns is a 10 out of 10 in terms of importance for the industry. He added that, while it may sound simple, reaching a favorable conclusion is a complex process whose duration is measured in years, not months. Were still a long, long way in this process in my opinion were just starting this process, were a long way from it being finished, but were at a crucial moment. Even if this takes a whole other year to work itself out before we actually see legitimate bills going before the full House for their approval, and the same in the Senate. We may be a year, we may be a year and a half, we may be almost two years away from these bills getting to the point where were close to seeing something passed by the President this is a crucial time for us to be involved. With many interests at the table, from environmental groups, boat builders and to large commercial fishing operations, Gabriel said its vitally important that the community is at the table and heavily engaged. Click here

6, 2014) and the first Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 29, 2014) have also been designated license-free saltwater fishing days, and the first Saturday and Sunday in April (April 4-5, 2015) have been designated a license-free freshwater fishing weekend. All bag limits, seasons and size restrictions apply on these dates. To make your fishing day successful, check out for fishing tips, locations and rules. Learn more about license-free fishing days by visiting and clicking on Do I Need One? and Free Fishing Days. Reader comments posted to this article may be published in our print edition. For more information


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